Credit: Climate Action Network. Umbu Janji, a member of parliament in Sumba, attended the COP22 summit as the speaker representing his community in Kamanggih village, East Sumba.

Renewable energy

Hivos and many other NGOs have been successful in putting climate change and renewable energy firmly on the agendas of governments and the private sector. The stand-alone Sustainable Development Goal on energy and the Paris Climate Agreement, which came into force in 2016, were important milestones. Combatting climate change is becoming more and more mainstream and ideas for boosting renewable energy uptake are plentiful. Both governments and the private sector have joined civil society organisations in their ambition to move towards a low-carbon economy. Despite all of this, the challenge is still to ensure that the proposed and agreed actions are inclusive: will poor people – and women in particular – see equal benefit from the impressive pledges and associated funds that world leaders commit to the cause?

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