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‘I saw the impact of Hivos’ work first-hand’

Gerben Potman, private donor

Gerben Potman didn’t hesitate for a moment. Part of his inheritance will go to Hivos. Gerben is a humanist, already from an early age; that is one of the reasons why Hivos appeals to him, but it is not the only reason.

As country specialist at the Immigration and Naturalization Service, he encounters desperate scenes and statistics. “There are many homosexual refugees, especially from Africa”, he recounts. “They are hounded and ostracised by their own community. I notice that the government is withdrawing and the time has thus come to extend a helping hand myself.” Gerben opted for Hivos. He is convinced that this choice makes sense.

“Hivos stands up for the concerns and needs of homosexuals”, Gerben explains. “And it is so important to give such initiatives a boost.” Gerben was able to witness up close what the impact of Hivos is. He worked in Africa himself, and friends in Uganda found Hivos’s support invaluable. “I understand the importance of Hivos’ work, and I have lot of good things to say about that. Moreover, I have great respect for the perseverance of local people. They keep fighting for a better world, despite all the physical violence. They deserve all the support in the world.”

Gerben included Hivos in his will. “Of course my children will inherit as well. But they don’t really need my inheritance. They are doing well. I rather contribute to a better world, to the solution of persistent problems.”